March 2018 Workshop

March 26, 2018

2 workshop maquettes

Two-Day Creative Process Workshop at my studio

Here are a few of the clay sketches that resulted from two days of exercises in collage, doodling and clay. There were 11 people in the workshop, each exploring their own completely unique vocabulary, style and voice. We produced MANY more pieces than this, but I’m not very good about taking pictures sometimes.


A Float Down the Alimentary Canal

March 26, 2018

A Float Down the Alimentary Canal2 Float sketch

Here is the sketch on paper and the sketch in clay that resulted. It was January 2, and I was sick in bed. Not so sick to stop the creative urge!

C-diff is a very nasty infectious intestinal disease and the drug to treat it is just as nasty. I lost 30 pounds in 30 days: See the C-diff difference! Lost all my strength. Lost my appetite: a first for me.

All better now! Except for losing some hair as a result of the ordeal. But it’ll grow back.

Foreign Bodies

March 26, 2018

1 foreign bodies sketchforeign bodiesForeign Bodies Sketch & Maquette

Sick, very sick, in bed on New Years Day 2018, I got an idea for a sculpture. Not surprising given “My Life in Clay” is the story of my life, literally. (Literally, literally). In March the clay piece was made, bisque fired, glazed, fired again and “foreign bodies” installed. 9″ tall, this was intended to be the maquette (model) for a larger piece. I never know if those larger pieces will get made. Sometimes the maquette satisfies the urge.

Holiday sale this weekend!

December 5, 2012

Holiday Sale !

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Starfish Cub

December 5, 2011

10 x 10 x 3

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November 30, 2011

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Warrior Girl with Dog

September 30, 2011

17 inches tall

Peace, Rabbit

September 30, 2011

20 inches tall

Birdhouse Boy

September 30, 2011

17 inches tall

detail of Birdhouse Boy

September 30, 2011