As If COVID Weren’t Enough

In April 2020 my partner Harold had a heart attack. He called 911 himself and within minutes, help came, masks and all, and took him away. He ended up staying in the hospital for quintuple bypass surgery. During that time visitors were not allowed in the hospital. I didn’t see him until they were ready to send him home ten days later. After a few days we got him settled, and I established a temporary studio space at the kitchen table, where I could be nearby for anything he might need. I did a collage about the surgery and its emotional impact on me. He worked on a collage too, a little bit at a time. Some weeks later, when I was able to be out in the studio again, I made this piece, inspired by part of my collage. I called it Open Heart, an apt double meaning. It now lives in our living room, where we’re doing some living.

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