Heartberries: it starts with a collage

This is the center section of the collage: A girl in pink with huge goblet full of strawberries. She holds one. She stares into space, contemplating, daydreaming, imagining. She contemplates each one of these berries then puts it into the big woven basket. Each berry represents an idea, something worth considering, perhaps something to represent in clay. One at a time. Hundreds of them.

Behind her is the open red door, the way to and from the mysteries and histories of her heart. She has come out of the open door; she contemplates berries; she will go back inside with a little more understanding.

I encountered the name “heartberries” some months after making this collage, reading a book of the same name, then encountered it again in a wonderful book called Braiding Sweetgrass. Both books are by Native American women; strawberries are heartberries.

The door is in the basement of a church. This I recognized from a dream. The basement of a church is where the work gets done. It’s all hands on, a foundation for what’s upstairs. It’s for people who maintain things, make and share food, take out the garbage, teach the children. Authentic spiritual work.

From here, “Heartberries” take several forms, both in collaged images and clay pieces over a period of months.heartberry collage

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