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Looking Back, Moving Forward

April 22, 2018

Looking back moving forward

The threat is passed, but not forgotten. She’s still alert to dangers. Her trusty instinctual steed can be counted on to move her forward even as it steps off the log that bridges “then” and “now”. See the sketch for this piece on “Image Journal” post.


April 22, 2018

ferrying 2

This is the last of the “Foreign Bodies” body of work. Two tigers ferry the remains of the invaders as new life springs forth from them.

ferrying detail

Renewal Rabbit

April 9, 2018

This piece, “Renewal”, started out as my demo rabbit during one of our Maker Monday studio classes. I decided to make it part of my “Foreign Bodies” body of work, which I did by bringing in the labyrinth motif and bird skeleton images again (see previous post) and pulling image inspiration from my humungous c-diff collage, shown below. The collage chronicles my illness from pain and disruption to renewal and rebirth.

3 c-diff collage-accordian

Point of Departure

April 9, 2018

Departure turtle bottomDeparture turtle top

“Departure” is another piece from the “Foreign Bodies” exploration of my c-diff experience. The turtle or tortoise is a reliable vehicle to transport the bird skeleton, which could represent the soul, and certainly expresses vulnerability, as it is stripped down to its essence. On the bottom of the turtle there’s a labyrinth, a path for contemplation. While sick I realized there is just no hurrying these things; I was forced to surrender to the process of the illness and recovery.