Image Journal

3 image journal cover

In the March 2018 workshop, we made collages, we doodled lines and shapes with sumi ink then brought in oil pastels, then we made image journals using some combination of collage and doodle with art papers.

On the left is my image journal from the workshop. It’s sitting on top of my sketchbook. I like to sketch in very fine point black pen (currently the Pilot P500 Extra Fine) in a big, 9″ x 12″ Canson field sketchbook. I like the thin black lines. It reminds me of the pen and ink drawings I’ve loved since childhood. I don’t do nearly enough of this most of the time, yet it is supremely creatively fulfilling, and often happens right after a workshop or when I’m contemplating a new body of work.

It was a couple of days after I added this image of the person in the boat to my doodle-cover that I realized it was a new version of “A Float Down the Alimentary Canal” mentioned a couple of posts ago. Ha! and Aha! I guess that idea is not done with me yet. Now I’m working on this idea in clay.


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